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Music Literature Assignment Directions:

1. Review all materials and resources as much as you can. 

2. Please choose and answer the number as needed (one or two, sometimes). 3. Write in detail with your best when you answer with several sentences. (You may use more papers or spaces to write your answers)

4. DO NOTt Answer with Copied Text from Online Resources!! Lower or Zero  Point will be applied.

Part I: Q.1 – 13 (3 Points / Each)

1. Which performing media did take the mainstream of Medieval Period?  Answer: .

① Vocal Music ② Instrumental Music

2. What is Sacred and Secular Music? (Explain with a few words for each term)

3. What is the name of Women composer who was mentioned for composing  Gregorian Chant?

Answer: .

4. Choose Two Statement(s) that is NOT correct explain about Gregorian Chant. 

Answer: , .

① Gregorian Chant was composed for singing at Catholic Church.

② All Gregorian Chants were composed by Pope Gregory I.

③ The texture of Gregorian Chant is Monophony. 

④ Gregorian Chant were written in German. 

⑤ The alternative name of Gregorian Chant is Plainchant. 

⑥ Gregorian Chant was performed in ‘a Capella’. Music Literature Assignment

5. Which one was created very lately? Answer: . ① Gregorian Chant ② Motet ③ Organum

6. What is the meaning of “missa”? Answer: .

7. Which one is considered an important musical genre that relates to the beginning  of Polyphony Music? 

 Answer: . ① Gregorian Chant ② Motet ③ Organum

8. What is the meaning of “Renaissance”? Answer: . 9. What is the meaning of “Barroco”? Answer: .

10. In Renaissance Era, which musical genre and forms was mostly popular? Answer: .

11. What is “Word Painting” technique in composition? 

12.Which musical term has different character or concept? Answer: . ① Basso Continuo ② Contra Bass ③ Figured Bass ④ Thorough Bass

13.Who was NOT the composer in the same musical period with others?  Answer: .

① Antonio Vivaldi ② Guillaume de Machaut  ③ Johann Sebastian Bach ④ George Fredeic Handel

Music Literature Assignment Help

Part II: Q. 14-16 (10 Points/ Each) Music Literature Assignment

14.Who were Troubadours, Trouvères, Minnesinger, and Meistersinger? What were  their duties and roles? How did they contribute to the development of Music in  their times? And in which musical genres and forms we can see their musical  footsteps? (Write with more than Three Sentences) Music Literature Assignment

15.What is the big difference in Social and Cultural general recognition/thought between Medieval and Renaissance Era? And how did it affect to the changes or  creations of Music? Explain in detail by using musical genres, forms, and terms  that you’ve learned in Music History Class. (Write with more than Three  Sentences)

16.What is the difference of characteristics between Opera and Oratorio? (Write with  more than Three Sentences) Music Literature Assignment

Part III: Q. 17 (35 Points) Music Literature Assignment

Complete the yellow-colored vacant boxes and contents in the following table.  Answer with key words or short explanations in Summarized Format. Use more  spaces if you need.

Major Social,  Cultural, Historical  Events   
Major Genres of  Vocal Music,  Purpose, and Type of  Texture of the  Genres   
Major Genres of  Instrumental Music,  Purpose, and Type of  Texture of the  Genres   
Names of People or  Composers whom  You Need to  Remember. (List Names ONLY)   

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