Mental Health Assignment Help

Mental Health Assignment

1- Depending on where you are in your career, retirement may or may not seem like it’s
something you’re ready to think about. For this assignment, please describe the one feature of retirement that you would look forward to the most, and why.
2- #11: Factors affecting mental health
Topic #11: Factors affecting mental health
By this point in the semester, you’ve learned about many factors that can affect mental health in later adulthood. Please contribute to this discussion by listing the 3 factors you believe to be the most important and for each, justify why you believe this factor is important. You can use concepts from
Chaptet 11 (read ahead) or from topics already covered in the semester.
3- The high costs of prescription drugs Mental Health Assignment
Topic #12: The high costs of prescription drugs
Please read this recent article about the cost of Aduhelm and its impact on Medicare Part B funding. For your discussion post, please comment on the following points:
1. Should pharmaceutical manufacturer’s be held to stricter limits on the price of prescription drugs or does the research involved in producing these drugs justify their cost?
2. Is it fair that all participants in Medicare Part B plans must now pay for the cost of Aduhelm, knowing that the drug’s manufacturer stands to make a large profit?
3. How should Congress proceed in its work toward lowering prescription drug costs, and what impact does a drug like Aduhelm have on these efforts?
– See attachment- lecture 12

Mental Health Assignment Help
4-Death and dying in the arts Mental Health Assignment
Topic #13: Death and dying in the arts
Which piece of artwork, film, or literature has made the greatest impression on you
regarding death and dying? What makes this so impactful for you?
5- Topic #14: Creative older adult
Topic #14: Creative older adult
Provide an example of a well-known figure who you believe represents creativity in later life.-

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