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Engineering Research Assignment

Your second assignment in this course is to help a group of beginner researchers develop their research project from an initial research topic and research questions, with particular attention to plans for data collection. Your assignment should be 2,000 words ±10%. The word count excludes the list of references at the end of the document. In-text citations are included in the word count. The main body of the text should be in 12pt Arial or Times New Roman with 1.5 or double line spacing. Pages should be numbered.
You will need to cite and reference the work and ideas of others, and may need to quote directly – it is your responsibility to do this correctly and accurately, in the Harvard style.
The scenario Engineering Research Assignment Help
Three keen industry practitioners want to understand more about work and employment in
particular settings, and although they’ve studied the topic well, they’ve never actually ‘done’
empirical research before. These novice researchers have heard that you’ve recently been studying research methods, and so have come to you for advice on appropriate tools and techniques for collecting data, alongside some suggestions on how that data might be analyzed.
Following some initial discussions and reading, together you produce the following broad research

Engineering Research Assignment Help

How do disabled accounting professionals perceive their work and how are disabled accounting professionals perceived within the accounting profession?
After further reviewing the literature, you’ve helped to develop this broad topic into two specific research questions: Engineering Research Assignment Help
What are the experiences of disabled accounting professionals working in Scotland?
What are the attitudes towards disabled accounting professionals at accounting firms in Scotland?
You suggest that that the first question would lend itself to the collection and analysis of qualitative data, while the second would lend itself to the collection and analysis of quantitative data. The researchers are keen to do both at the same time, which you characterise as a convergent parallel design.
Your task is to provide informed guidance on suitable approaches to collecting (and to a lesser extent analysing) both forms of data, with clear justifications drawn from a range of empirical and non-empirical resources. This guidance is in the form of a report, which should be well-referenced.
The following prompts are designed to help get you writing:

APA Style

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