Case Study Chinese Multiculture Homework

Case Study Chinese Multiculture Homework Instructions

This is not an opinion paper but based on what you have learned in the course readings and resources, please support your answers with the classroom resources as well as outside resources (reputable resources) you find.


  • Provide comprehensive answers to each discussion question in your chosen case study.  
  • Support your answer with cited resources either in class readings our outside resources. (personal experiences can be used however it should be relevant to the question.)
  • Your paper must be in essay form and each question can be used as a subheading without the numbering
  • Your paper should follow APA format and free from grammatical errors. (include a cover page and a reference page)
  • Minumum resources to use in this project is 3

Case Study Chinese

A middle-aged Chinese patient refused pain medication following cataract surgery. When asked, he replied his discomfort was bearable and he could survive without any medication. Later the nurse found him restless and uncomfortable. Again the nurse offered pain medication. Again he refused, explaining that her responsibilities at the hospital were far more important than his comfort and he did not want to impose. Only after she firmly insisted that the patients comfort was one of her most important responsibilities did the patient finally agree to take the medication.

Case Study Chinese Things to Consider

  • Chinese are taught self-restraint. The needs of the group are more important than those of the individual.
  • Another factor that may be involved in Asian’s refusal of pain medication is courtesy. They generally consider it impolite to accept something the first time it is offered.
  • The safest approach for the nurse is to anticipate the needs of an Asian patient for pain medication without waiting for requests – Nurses should be aware of Asian rules of etiquette when offering pain medication, food or other services.
  • If the patient continues to refuse medication, their wish should be respected.

Case Study Chinese Multiculture Homework Help

Case Study Chinese Discussion

  1. Discuss other Cultural Competence issues that may impact retention into care and treatment.
  • Identify the gaps of caring for the patient in a culturally sensitive manner.
  • As a healthcare provider how would you have handled this situation in using cultural humility?

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