Case Study Carol Multiculture Assignment

Case Study Carol Multiculture Instructions

This is not an opinion paper but based on what you have learned in the course readings and resources, please support your answers with the classroom resources as well as outside resources (reputable resources) you find.


  • Provide comprehensive answers to each discussion question in your chosen case study.  
  • Support your answer with cited resources either in class readings our outside resources. (personal experiences can be used however it should be relevant to the question.)
  • Your paper must be in essay form and each question can be used as a subheading without the numbering
  • Your paper should follow APA format and free from grammatical errors. (include a cover page and a reference page)
  • Minumum resources to use in this project is 3

Case Study Carol

Carol, a 35-year-old woman of African descent, comes to the clinic for a follow-up visit after having an HIV test. Upon receiving her results through the post-counseling interview, it is discovered that Carol is really Carl, a 35-year-old man who has recently been released from prison.

Further discussion reveals that Carl participated in receptive anal sex while he was incarcerated. When asked about his sexual orientation, he insists he is heterosexual and goes on to explain that now that he is HIV positive he can never return to his native country in the Caribbean because of the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS.

He gives a series of expressions in Patois (dialect of English) that would be used to describe a person like him and what would be done to such a person. Clearly, Carol is dealing with a series of issues that may pose a challenge to the health care professional.

Case Study Carol Multiculture Assignment Help

Case Study Carol Discussion Questions

  1. As a health care professional, what can you do to increase your understanding of  this patient’s culture so that you can get this patient into treatment?
  • How can you find out the meaning of the Patois expressions to better understand  this patient’s issues and provide appropriate medical care?
  • Discuss other Cultural Competence issues that may impact retention into care and treatment.

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