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Physiology Assignment Case Study

A patient who has a severe but undiagnosed disease, illness, or injury would have to go through a long process to be diagnosed. To be diagnosed, a patient should first schedule an appointment with their primary care provider. Their primary care provider will assess them and order tests and or imaging to confirm their preliminary diagnosis. Once the provider determines the diagnosis it might also be necessary to refer the patient to see a specialist. For instance, a patient has severe back pain & get diagnosed with pinched nerves, then they will be referred to a general surgeon to have Spinal decompression. As explained by Radman & Eshghi, Physiology Assignment

“According to physicians’ opinion, because of the multifaceted nature of most diseases, patients should be observed by different specialists during their treatment period (Radman & Eshghi, 2018)”

Physiology Assignment Furthermore, the barriers and challenges that a person might face are many: the doctor that they want might not be in network with their insurance, the specialist might be far away from them, they might have a large co-pay, and their appointments might have to be rescheduled. Also, the patient’s conditions might worsen since the wait will be long. There is also the issue of referral noncompliance. Physiology Assignment As presented by  Van Dijk, Referral non-compliance could delay diagnosis and treatment (Van Dijk et al, 2016). With settings in high quality a patient’s experience will differ from a low-quality place as in a high-quality setting, in the way that navigating the healthcare settings will be easier in a high quality place. Also, in a low-quality clinic a patient can be misdiagnosed, they can be referred to a specialist out of network resulting in higher costs for the patient.

Physiology Assignment help

Physiology Assignment Jim’s experience was a little rough in the sense that the diagnosing part took a long time, and he was referred to physical therapy place that was far away. However, his experience could have been worse. I worked at a clinic where a patient was referred to a specialist that was out of network and he had to pay a high out of pocket cost as his insurance covered a smaller percentage for going out of network.

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