Nutrition and Health Powerpoint Help

Nutrition and Health Powerpoint : The impact of nutrition and health on productivity.  Convince the audience (board of directors) that they must act on your recommendation.

Powerpoint Slide Presentation –

The Powerpoint slide presentation should include:

  • a cover slide, with all the information noted in the template.
    • Notes section should include suitable introductory remarks
  • an agenda slide
    • Notes section should include short notes on each agenda point
  • a minimum of six content slides – maximum of nine content slides (in addition to the cover slide and agenda slide i.e. they are not counted here) – representing the content of the presentation, including APA in-text citations ON EACH SLIDE
    • Notes section for each slide should include complete information that needs to be presented in full sentences with appropriate spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.

Nutrition and Health Powerpoint I expect to see at least one data chart with quantifiable data and a detailed explanation in the notes section.

I should see 150-250 words in the notes section PER SLIDE.

There should be one or more final slides which reproduce the reference page containing your source information (APA format). This should be a revised version of the reference page submitted in Week Seven with possible additional entries added.

Nutrition and Health Powerpoint Help

Nutrition and Health Powerpoint Notes submission

Copy (i.e. cut and paste) the Notes section from each powerpoint slide to a Word document and submit the Word document to the same Dropbox.  The purpose of this is to have it examined by Turnitin.  Plagiarized submissions will be given a grade of zero.  The student will have a chance to resubmit with the resulting grade multiplied by 0.5.

Use this as Outline

  1. Impacts of COVID-19 on global poverty, food security, and diets.
  2. Health initiatives can boost staff productivity

Use this Reference

Impacts of Covid‐19 on global … – wiley online library. (n.d.). Retrieved March 5, 2022, from

Guardian News and Media. (2015, August 28). Wellness in the workplace: How health initiatives can boost staff productivity. The Guardian. Retrieved March 4, 2022, from

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