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HR Profession Assignment 3 (NEED 1PAGE)

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The textbook describes a lot of “ideal-type” scenarios:

This is how you should ideally be approaching the hiring process according to the standards of the HR profession and of management in general.

But let’s be realistic for a minute:  

In the real world, relationships are what get you a job!  Not just applying online and hoping to make it through the automated screening of the employer’s (often hopelessly outdated and tedious to fill out) Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Despite Federal and State regulations that require posting of most job openings at large employers, one estimate is that 85% of job openings are not advertised. (see: (Links to an external site.))

So, in that spirit, consider the following in your discussions this week:

Explore various techniques to recruit and hire qualified employees.

Most of us have been job applicants, candidates, and new hires at some point in our lives.

HR Profession Assignment Help

HR Profession Assignment

But also consider this from the point-of-view of the employer (which includes the hiring manager, the HR function, and the recruitment/talent acquisition function which may or may not reside within HR)

Here are some recent trends: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) 

In your experience:

What role does the job description play in the process?

Do more current trends such as the candidate experienceemployer branding and pay transparency have a role in attracting great candidates?

Describe your company’s process or the process of another company that you have researched or learned about first-hand.

Think about where you have you witnessed or heard about failures in the hiring process.

Has the pandemic meant you can focus less on candidate experience?

What about the Great Resignation or Great Reshuffle — do you see examples where companies are focused more on what candidates want rather than just what the company or the manager wants?

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