Group Case Study Assignment Help

Group Case Study Assignment

For this assignment, you will apply what you’ve learned about communication to a “real-life” leadership case study. This project’s challenge is examining leadership communication issues and how they overlap in a complex organizational context. This assignment allows your group to apply class concepts incorporate scholarly research and/or comparable real-world examples into your analysis.

Source Requirement:

Group Case Study Assignment You are required to cite at least 5 sources (peer-reviewed, scholarly articles and/or comparable corporate examples from popular or scholarly sources) to support your claims in the report and presentation. You can use the same sources in the report and presentation. Citing the textbook or class lectures does not count toward your required sources but is permitted. Above-average projects (B+ and above) typically have at least 8 outside sources. A good standard for quality is to make sure each identified problem and suggested solution has a source supporting it. We will review source citation in class.

Group Case Study Assignment Help
  • Report citations: A citation must be in APA Style and be cited in-text and in the reference page to meet the source requirement. If the source is only in-text or in the reference page, it isn’t properly cited and is considered missing. For less than 5 sources, it’s -3% off your report grade for each missing source. Group Case Study Assignment


  1. A summary of the situation (This section should not contain analysis)
    1. Briefly familiarize your audience with the relevant people, issues, and facts in the case.
    1. The board probably knows bits and pieces, and some members might know more than others. This section’s purpose is to ensure everyone has a grasp of the situation.

(What is the purpose of the recommendation report? We will summarize the case and what the problems of the case are. )

  • a part of Analysis of the problems section

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