Embed Sustainable Practices Assignment

Embed Sustainable Practices Assignment Questions  

Activity 1

Give an example of an environmental, social and economic sustainability strategy; write a brief explanation on how it could address sustainability.

Activity 2

Choose a situation in an organisation that you think warrants change and describe what you would do to ensure sustainability. (100words)

Activity 3

List three ways in which the management of each of the following, waste, energy and toxins, will help support nature. If necessary conduct your own research.

Activity 4

1 What are 10 components of sustainability strategies?

2 Choose a situation in an organisation that you think warrants change and describe how you would include children in the development and implementation of sustainability strategies. (100-150 words)

Activity 5

1 Choose an activity that children could participate that utilises three natural or recycled resources. Activities could focus on one that implicates parents, a particular cognitive ability, or preparing the learning environment. (100-150 words) Embed Sustainable Practices Assignment

2 Where would you find information about the environment? List what you might find in a resource kit (commonly used in sustainability programs). (75-100 words)

Activity 6

Think about how you could introduce an infant, toddler, preschooler and a school aged child to the natural world and outdoor space. Design a strategy that could be implemented and utilised for each child and highlight what you would need to do differently in the case where the child had special needs. (100-200 words)

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Activity 7

1 What should be considered when creating a garden space for children? (75-100 words)

2 What can children learn from being part of a gardening project? (75-100 words)

3 What should be considered when disposing of waste? (75-100 words) Embed Sustainable Practices Assignment

Activity 8

1 What are ethics? (80 words)

2 How do ethics relate to sustainability in the education and care services? (75-100 words)

3 What are the Three Es of sustainability?

4 Write a short report (150 words) on how ethical dilemmas for waste disposal affect education and care services.

Activity 9

Choose two experiences with the potential to provide insight into how either a child or an adult could participate in sustainable practice.

Activity 10

1 What is the difference between a policy, procedure, and code of practice? (100-150 words)

2 How can policies and procedures reflect sustainability? (100-150 words)

Embed Sustainable Practices Assignment Activity 11

1 Describe how you can monitor the need for change to a service’s philosophies, policies, or procedures. (100-150 words)

2 What consultation strategies can be used to involve stakeholders in change to a service’s sustainability culture? List four strategies.

                                              Summative assessment 1

Question 1 How can you identify sustainable practices and opportunities for change? (100-150 words)

Question 2 How could you model sustainable practice? (100-150 words)

Question 3 What are the goals of waste management strategies? (100-150 words)

Embed Sustainable Practices Assignment Question 4 Where can you access copies of the National Quality Framework (NQF), National Quality Standards (NQS) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)? Where can more advice, support and information about the NQS, NQF and EYLF be found? When navigating the EYLF what are the five outcomes that you will find information about? APA style

Question 5 Explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative evaluation processes. (100-150 words)

Question 6 What can a service do in relation to cleaning and maintenance to support sustainable practice? (100-150 words)

Question 7 How can a policy be structured to signal a service’s intent in relation to sustainability? (100-250 words)

Question 8 What are the ethical dilemmas relating to sustainability? (100-150 words)

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