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DRDP Handout Assignment description

Using their understanding of the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP)and information on observation & assessment,students will create a 1 page handout directed at parents.

CAS 464/L: Advanced Practicum in ECE

DRDP Parent Handout

Create a handout explaining to families – what is the DRDP, how it is used and why it is important to their child’s development.

ContentPoints AvailablePoints Earned
Organization of handout is understandable and logically set up. Handout is user friendly (someone not familiar with the DRDP would find it useful and understand it). The use and design is written and outlined.Content is explicitly linked to the development of the child and clearly outlines the DRDP (what it is & how it is used)The use or intended purpose of the DRDP is clearly stated in writing.All measures and domains are accurately defined. DRDP Handout Assignment3 points 

Formatting  Points Available  Points Earned
Professionally written. No grammatical errors and writing is legible. Any inconsistency in print or color changes are explained (i.e if creator uses a red pen and then blue, there is a key that to explain what each color means).Setup is logical and meaningful to the message.Handout is visually appealing (use of color and other eye-catching components are used)Handout avoids huge wordy paragraphs; things are explained in brief clear statements) DRDP Handout Assignment2 points 
Total points scored:5 points 

DRDP Handout Assignment Help

You can use any format you prefer, however keep in mind that this flier is for families, so you will want it to be engaging. DRDP Handout Assignment

You will need to include the following: What is the DRDP, how is it used, and why is it important to development

If you follow the rubric and check off each of the bullet points shared, you will successfully complete the assignment. Please let me know if I can offer any more clarification,

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