Cyber Security Assignment Help

Cyber Security Assignment Instructions

First, please refer to the Module 3 Midterm Essay assignment and the course materials.

In response to the case study scenario and the essay instructions, please provide a one-page outline of your midterm essay. As part of your outline, please provide a list of course materials that you anticipate will help you in crafting your literature review.

It is understood that this will be a rough sketch of your eventual essay, so please try to keep the outline no longer than one page. Cyber Security Assignment

This is an extra credit assignment worth 5 points. (Even though it is listed as zero points, the extra credit points can still be awarded for this assignment.)

In a written document between 750-1250 words in length, please respond to the following prompt:

Imagine you are a US cyber security official engaging in a training exercise. Your supervisor provides you with a case scenario(refer to PDF attachment).

Cyber Security Assignment Your supervisor asks you to submit a document that describes, with respect to the scenario, a desired strategic end-state, strategic tenets or pillars (perhaps 3-5) to support that end-state, and a literature review to justify your strategic decisions. This literature review must include an analysis of course materials, and it can also include other materials that you find reliable, useful, and relevant.

Cyber Security Assignment Help

Cyber Security Assignment APA Paper Formatting Basics

  1. All text should be double-spaced.
  2. Use one-inch margins on all sides.
  3. All paragraphs in the body are indented.
  4. Make sure that the title is centered on the page with your name and school/institution underneath.
  5. Use 12-point font throughout.
  6. All pages should be numbered in the upper right hand corner.

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