World Dance Video Assignment Help

World Dance Video Assignment Instruction

Pick and read one of the following articles (see blue links below). These articles give more context for the world dance forms presented in our chapter reading and in the module prezi. 

Find a video online that is a clear example of the dance form in your article. Post the video link in the thread that you start for your original post.

Write a movement description that clearly demonstrates the Elements of Dance vocabulary (body, action, time, space, and energy). Spend about 50 words (half of your 100 word minimum) on this movement description.

Why did you choose the dance? What about this world dance form is interesting to you? How is this wold dance form being preserved? What do you think about the idea of dance as a social and cultural practice? What do you think about dance as a ritual practice? Can you think of any movement rituals that you practice or have experienced? (Write an additional 50 words to address these questions). World Dance Video Assignment

Article links:




Russian folk dance:

Nigerian dance (will need to log in with library credentials):

Create an original thread and write a minimum of 100 words. Respond to two classmates’ threads and write a minimum of 50 words in each response.

World Dance Video Assignment Help

Classmate 1

I chose to read the article over tradional Russian folk dance. Because Russian folk dance is such broad term, I specifically focused on the “Barynya” dance and watched this video: This particular dance seems to require the body to remain upright and stiff, but the legs and arms move fluidly and quickly. There is a lot of stomping, swaying back and forth, squatting, tap dancing, and kicking. The dance is very high energy and high tempo.The dancer used the whole stage for this dance, he would slowly move around to different areas. 
I chose this dance because it reminded me of a dance that I used to love doing on Just Dance. It is so unique and is not commonly seen in America. I love how flexible and agile the dancer must be in order to kick their legs or squat and get back up. This type of dancing is still popular in Russia so it is easily being preserved. People enjoy performing this because there is not a set choreography, so it can be done in social settings without a lot of former knowledge. I cannot think of any ritualistic practices that I have taken part in. World Dance Video Assignment

Classmate 2

I chose Russian Folk dance to evaluate, and I noticed that it is composed of basic movements very fitting to the time period of when it was created. In the dance I watched, the dancers moved in circles while holding hands. Timing and beats stayed pretty consistent throughout the dance. If anything there was very few change in beat and rapidness of movement. Energy was also very consistent, upbeat, and happy. The entire dance gave a very positive impression.

I chose this dance because the title of “folk” included in the dance interested me mainly because I have grown up somewhat introduced to that sort of culture. This form of dance is being preserved by different shows and performances that include this style as well as new variations of the dance that have been created. I think dance is one of the best ways to practice culture because it socially brings many people together. Also, it can be examples of rituals that will bring people together even more because it is unique to the culture. World Dance Video Assignment

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