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Organisational Theory Assignment instructions

Note to students: You are encouraged to read the wflex course material (Units 3,4 and 5) as well as the power point slides before answering the questions. 

Question 1 Before the pandemic, you ran your restaurant business the traditional way of dine-in and occasional take-aways but all these has now changed. You now have dine-in customers and at the same time the demand for take-aways and online orders for your popular dishes are increasing daily.

As organisations need to have the right fit between internal structure and the external environment in order to succeed, determine how you can adapt your business to deal with the changes.  (30 marks)  Organisational Theory Assignment

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Question 2 

(a) Describe with the help of a diagram the stages of the Organisational Life Cycle.  (40 marks) 

(b) Your start-up company, after years of struggle is now doing very well and you have opened several branches and have launched new products and services. However, you are now struggling to manage your business. Based on the Organisational Life Cycle, identify the stage your company is now at and what you could do manage your business well.  (30 marks) Organisational Theory Assignment

Organisational Theory Assignment Help

Stock And Bonds part

Q.1 What are stocks and bonds? Describe how you could estimate their values. If you are investing in the stock market, which would you invest in and why? Can we compare, contrast, and discuss stocks and bond investments? Organisational Theory Assignment

Q.2 write reply for this discussion

Stocks are an investment option that provide the investor a stake or partial ownership in the organization, while bonds are more like a temporary loan from the investor to the organization.  Stocks allow you freedom choose when to relinquish the investment and make good on your investment, while bonds provide a fixed rate of return for a set period of time. 

Organisational Theory Assignment

Therefore, another way to look at this is that the difference is essentially that of debt vs equity. The most significant difference of note is in how they generate money for the investor.  Stocks must appreciate over time and be sold at a later date while bonds generate interest revenue for the investor at a fixed rate over time, generally speaking.

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