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Introduction to Human Resources

Opinion Paper – Guidelines and Questions

Paper Format:

  1. Cover page – name, course & section, date and title
  2. Table of contents
  3. Executive summary
  4. Question answers (approximately 1 page per answer)
  5. References (Links are acceptable)

Notes:            Please submit your paper using Turn-it-in on Blackboard by the due date

                        Write the executive summary last (hint)

Paper should be SINGLE-SPACED, DOUBLE-SPACED IS UNACCEPTABLE and the paper will not be graded

                        Use 10pt – 12pt type

                        Support all your thoughts and conclusions with references/links

Human Resources Assignment Questions:

  1. As discussed in class this semester, employment laws are relaxing, and more employers are open to hiring people with a felony criminal past. Do you believe hiring ex-felons is a good strategy? Yes or No and Why?

Human Resources Assignment Help
  • What criteria do you feel would be appropriate to for the candidate with a federal or state prison record to meet? What criteria would automatically disqualify a candidate from being hired for specific positions? Explain why you selected the criteria and provide an example of an ex-felon you would hire and an ex-felon you would not hire and why. Human Resources Assignment
  • Do you feel hiring an applicant with a criminal past is a significant risk to an organization and the employees of the organization? Yes or No and Why? What are a couple of three potential risks and how would you mitigate these risks?
  • When you hire an ex-felon, do you feel the employee would be more dedicated and loyal to the company because you provided him/her an opportunity for employment? Yes or No and Why?

Paper is due March 11, only electronic copies submitted through Turn-it-in on Blackboard please.

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