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Alzheimer Therapy Assignment Case study

Joe is 92 years-old who resides with his son, Winston. His wife passed away 20 years ago. Joe is a retired accountant and he is well cared for by his family. 

Joe was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and his condition required 24 hour care. Joe could not recognize his favorite grandson, Billy, when he came to visit him. He tried to hurt Billy with his cane because he thought Billy was an intruder. His loss of memory and lack of awareness increased and he was disoriented most of the time. One cold winter day, Joe got dressed for work even though he was retired many years ago.  He was found wondering around the street with his brief case near the subway station for hours. His family called the police and there was an alert to the local news channel. After hours of missing, Joe collapsed in the snow and a kind samaritan found him. Joe was found at the local hospital, and a hospital worker recognized him from the news and alerted the police. Joe safely returned home, but the family needed a good plan to keep Joe safe. 

Imagine that you are Joe’s therapist in charge to help him and his family. What strategies and resources can you recommend to the family?

  • Length: A minimum of 280 words, not including references
  • Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

Alzheimer Therapy Assignment Help


Alzheimer Therapy Assignment View this video and then discuss the following: What is the difference between revision and editing? Why do students either revise OR edit their papers? How can revising AND editing a paper lead to better grades? Why? 


Alzheimer Therapy Assignment Documentation is associated with all helping professions. It is usually explained by supervisors “if it is not written, it did not happen”. Review the 2 videos below and state 2 important takeaways from each video. Be sure to state why they were important to you.

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