Adolescent Treatment Group Project help

Adolescent Treatment Group at Sunrise Recovery

You are social workers employed by Sunrise Recovery, a nonprofit agency that provides treatment and prevention services for those with a substance use disorder. Recently, one local school has called to inquire about groups for adolescents. Specifically, within the past 2 months, the school has had incidents in which a few students have been caught using alcohol and/or other drugs. The school would like your help in implementing a comprehensive drug treatment and counseling program that would help treat students currently experiencing drug use. As a part of this plan, the school specifically would like for you to develop a treatment group for those students who are actively using drugs. The school would like for the treatment group also to focus on building up the students’ social lives in a positive way. The school has identified 20 students between the ages of 14-18 who meet the drug use criteria for this program. As social workers, you are eager to address this need for services. However, one challenge is that your agency is located on the far north side of the city. The school in need of services is in the center of the city. This will be difficult since the target population are minors and many are unable to drive. Your CEO has expressed concern about meeting the needs of the population due to the location and also the need for additional funding. Thus, the CEO has asked you to work as a team to develop a detailed plan for this group through the form of a funding proposal.


Statement of Need (length= 1-1.5 pages). This section presents the evidence that supports the need for your proposed treatment group and demonstrates that your task group understands the problem and is capable of implementing a solution.

  1. The target population i. Provide current facts and statistics from peer-reviewed or government sources to describe your target population.

B.The problem i. Provide findings from two peer-reviewed journal articles that will provide context to the problems faced by the target population (note- you should select articles that can help you to explain the factors that contribute to the target population’s experience of this problem and the factor that can help remedy this problem for the target population.) Adolescent Treatment Group

 C. Best practices to address the problem i. Provide findings from two peer-reviewed journal articles that will substantiate why a treatment group, specifically the type that you have chosen, would be beneficial for your target population (note- this should include a discussion of substance abuse theory as well as best practices for addressing issues with your target population.)

The paper must include sources properly cited within text and contain a reference sheet in proper APA format.

Adolescent Treatment Group Project help

Discussion week 9

In this week’s discussion, I want you to think about what you have learned from support and educational groups from your textbook reading as well as the other assigned reading. Adolescent Treatment Group

Self Help Groups:

1. If you were going to create a self-help group, what topic would you choose ? 

2. Describe the client population this self-help group would target. 

2. Why would a self-help group aid this client population in dealing with this issue?

3. What benefits would they stand to gain from the group?

Reply to two classmates Make your initial discussion post (fully cited in APA style with a reference note).

·         Question 1

Did you complete all your assigned tasks for the Task Group – Treatment Group Proposal?


·         Question 2

To what extent do you believe the quality of your contribution to the Task Group – Treatment Group Proposal contributed to group expectations? Adolescent Treatment Group


·         Question 3

How would you describe your ability to work cooperatively with your group mates (e.g., considering other’s opinions, using professional language, showing up for scheduled meetings, etc.)? Adolescent Treatment Group


·         Question 4

Based on your overall performance with preparing for and finalizing the Task Group – Treatment Group Proposal, to what extent do you believe others would want to work with you again?


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