Annotated Bibliography Research Report

Annotated Bibliography Research Report Purpose

The purpose of this report is to 1) incorporate the research found in your Annotated Bibliography assignment, 2) think about the structure and information needed for the Final Presentation, and 3) develop your written communication skills. 

Remember that the Annotated Bibliography, the Progress Report, and the Final Presentation are all connected to each other. At this point, it is helpful to think ahead to what you want your final presentation to look like. Looking at the Final Presentation description and rubric, what criteria can be addressed by the information you’ve already found in your Annotated Bibliography? You will probably find that there are pieces missing and that you need to do some additional research to fill in these gaps. 

At the end of Week 6, you are to submit a progress report that demonstrates that you have been working towards your final presentation. Your progress report should be 2-4 pages in length and include the following: 

  • A well-written paragraph that states in detail what your topic is. Be sure to clearly link your topic to both technology and society/societal trends.
  • A well-written paragraph that identifies the type of presentation you plan to give (e.g. slideshow, written materials, podcast, YouTube, etc.). Your presentation should be creative, engaging, and informative. Remember that in the last week of class, YOU become the teachers. Think about your audience and how to present material in an interesting and clear manner.
  • A preliminary overview that shows what will you address in your presentation. Your progress report and presentation should include the following components:
    • Trace the history of your topic
    • Describe how your topic compares to at least one other culture
    • Identify relevant policies related to your topic
    • Discuss future trends related to your topic
  • In-text citations in APA-7 format for any sources used to support your statements about history, culture, and policy. Note the importance of including citations in the rubric. If citations are not provided, your score will be negatively impacted. 

Remember that this is a progress report and you may not have all of the information you need at this point. That’s fine. You can provide an overview or bullet points of what you do have thus far and identify areas where you are still looking for information. Annotated Bibliography Research

Annotated Bibliography  Research Report Help

Example for “Trace the history of your topic” on the topic of widget-making:  I was able to trace widget-making back to the early 1800s through a source found at the Library of Congress (Washington, 1832). I also found a more recent document that shows that the widget-making industry had collapsed but was making a revival as recently as 2010 (Jones, 2012). I will incorporate this information into my presentation, but I would like to find a source that explains what happened anytime between 1800 and 2010. I imagine that the fall of widget-making in the past two centuries may have had a profound impact on poverty and crime in the centers of widget-making in the United States, but have yet to find a credible source to support this belief. Annotated Bibliography Research

The topic is clear, well-stated

The link to technology is clear

The link to society/social problems is clear

Excellent description of the type of presentation and how you plan to make it enjoyable.

A clear plan for presenting the history of the topic. Evidence that the presenter already has solid and credible references to support this part of the presentation.

Correctly includes in-text citations.

The overview includes an apparent cross-cultural reference and mentions at least one credible source.

Correctly includes in-text citations.

The overview includes a clear reference to policy and mentions at least one credible source.

Correctly includes in-text citations.

The overview includes a clear reference to future trends.

Plan for presentation flows logically and clearly.

Well-written with no grammatical or composition errors.

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