The Incas Remembered Assignment Help

“The Incas Remembered”

Directions:  Watch the film, “The Incas Remembered” and answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible. Answer in complete sentences. Your responses will be handed in and graded. The worksheet is worth 20 points.

  1. Where was the Incan Empire? What was the capitol city?
  • What are the mysteries of Machu Pichu?
  • What are the origin myths of the Incas?
  • How did the Incas feed their people?
  • What advancements in agriculture, math, sciences, engineering, etc. did the Incas make?
  • How did the Incan Empire function?
  • What natural resources did the Incas have access to?
  • How did the Incas treat conquered people?

9)         The Incas Remembered.   What was the goal of the Spanish kings after 1491? How did it encourage the conquest of Latin America?

  1. How did religion affect the conquest of the Incas?
  1. What happened to Atahualpa?
  1. How did the Spanish treat the conquered Incas?
  1. How did traditional Incan religion blend with Spanish Catholicism?
  1. What did Spain bring to South America?
  1. What are the differences between rural Peru and Lima?
  1. How did the Amazon River get its name?
  1. What are the modern explorers in Peru looking for?

The Incas Remembered Assignment Help

Identifications for The Incas Remembered

Directions:  Explain each of the following terms. Include the date and historical significance of the term. You can look terms up online to add additional information.






Francisco Pizarro



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