R Code Computer Science Assignment

Please submit the R code to Blackboard. The extension of a R file is .R You can either work with a team or by yourself. Each team can have up to three people. Each team only needs to submit one copy. Please make sure to write all team members’ names when submitting it.

Chapter 2

You are given two data sets, i.e.,  ToyotaCorolla.csv  and RidingMowers.csv. Please download them and complete the following R Code questions

Attention: Please download data files to your locate drive. Please follow the steps described right before Table 2.3 P. 24 to set the working directory to where you saved the data file.

1). please using ToyotaCorolla.csv data set to complete the following steps using R

R Code Computer Science Assignment help

1.1) Please read the data and create a data frame for the data set

1.2) Please list all attributes (columns)

1.3) Please list the dimension of the data frame

1.4) Please show the data of the column of “Price”

1.5) Please list the summary statistics for each column

1.6)  Please follow the R code in Table 2.9 (or alternative ways in R code) to prepare the dataset by creating partitions of training 50% and validation 50%

2) please using RidingMowers.csvdata set to complete the following steps using R

2.1) explore data and get to know attributes (hint: Chapter 2)

  1. The names of each column
    1. The variable types of each column
    1. create a scatter plot of Lot Size vs. Income (hint: figure 3.1 ## scatter plot)
    1.  create a histogram for Lot_Size (hint: figure 3.2)

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