Management Fundamental Paper Research

This paper should be in APA format. Please utilize a minimum of three resources for this assignment, which could be articles or books. One of the book resources will be the Management Fundamental, 9th edition by,Lussier,Robert

Your paper should be 4 pages. (The page count is just a guide. Feel free to exceed the stated limit).

The Management Fundamental paper must include a Cover page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Appendix (see step 2 below), and Reference page. (These will not be counted in the page count).

Step 1: identify a company. It may be in any industry, private, public, or non-profit. Either speak with the manager or research the company online to learn about the company’s culture and to gauge employee engagement.

Step 2: rank the bad boss behaviors below from 1-12 (1 = worst morale killer, makes you consider quitting your job; 12 = still affects morale but better than the rest). The ranked list needs to be the Appendix at the end of your Word document.

Management Fundamental Paper Research help

Management Fundamental Step 3: after ranking the list, 1) describe the business; 2) perform an in-depth analysis of the internal conflict in the company you selected (i.e., what’s causing morale to decline); 3) discuss management theories that could be utilized to increase the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness; 4) how does the culture of the organization contribute to employee engagement; and 5) using the top 3 bad boss behaviors from your list, what recommendations would you make to the owner about resolving conflict between bosses and employees.

All five sections in Step 3 need to have section headings (e.g., “Internal Conflict”; “Management Theories”).

The Skeptic – does not believe that employees will do what they say

The Comparer – compares one employee’s performance to another’s

The Information Disseminator – does not share all the information to complete a project

The Recognizer – slow to recognize employees

The Know It All – does not have all of the information, but acts like he does

The Late Night Worker – expects that because he checks emails after hours everyone on the team should also Management Fundamental

The Over Committer – tries to be the fix-all-Manager for the organization.

The Creditor – takes credit for everyone’s work

The “Over” Talker – talks over everyone during meetings. Believes he has all the “correct” answers

The Executor – rushes everyone through a project to check it off his list of things to do

Talking Out of Both Sides of the Mouth – says one thing but means another

The Conclusion Jumper – Has already made up his mind with the limited information

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