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Respond to any five of the following Financial Management Questions using at least one (1) paragraph in your response. Put it in your own words and cite your sources.

Requirements: 1 paragraph or more

The directions : Respond to any five of the following questions using at least one (1) paragraph in your response. You should plan your response so that a “naive reader” could understand what you are explaining, That means that you should write so that someone who knows nothing about this topic would understand your response to the question. You should also write as a person who is writing in an academic setting, using your best “wordsmithing” skills. When you quote from a source, including the text, you should cite your sources. Students who quote from the source must cite the source to get full points. Financial Management Questions

Questions: – Choose only Five:

Distinguish between positive and negative transfer, and give a concrete example of each to illustrate the distinction.

Distinguish between general and specific transfer, and give a concrete example of each to illustrate the distinction. Describe the four perspectives of transfer listed below in terms of their views on general and specific transfer:

Formal discipline

Similarity of stimuli and responses

Information processing

Situated learning

Describe the roles that the following four factors play in problem solving, and illustrate each factor’s role with a concrete example:

Working memory capacity

Encoding processes

Long-term memory retrieval


Describe five different things that teachers can do to facilitate students’ transfer of what is learned in the classroom to real-world situations and problems.

Transfer what you have learned about transfer and problem solving to a professional situation in which you might find yourself. More specifically:

Using either an educational or therapeutic context, describe a specific idea or principle you might want students or clients to apply outside the educational or therapeutic setting. In particular, describe what information you would want them to learn within the educational or therapeutic context, and how you hope they would transfer it in dealing with the outside world. Financial Management Questions

Financial Management Questions Help

Explain how your students’ or clients’ success in transferring this information and/or using it to solve problems might be more or less successful depending on: a. How they encode/store the original information, and the extent to which they elaborate on it, b. How they encode/store the transfer/problem-solving situation, and the extent to which they elaborate on that situation

6. Imagine that you are teaching a course in human learning to future teachers. You want students to transfer what they learn in their class to their own teaching practice. Describe three strategies you might use to help students transfer what they learn in your class.

7. Choose a particular content domain (e.g., math, science, history, English literature) and give two examples that critical thinking in that domain might entail. Your examples should reflect two of the following forms of critical thinking:

Verbal reasoning

Argument analysis

Probabilistic reasoning

Hypothesis testing

8. Describe three different strategies you might use to encourage students to engage in critical thinking about a topic. Illustrate each strategy with a concrete example

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