China Global Business Assignment

China Global Business  Write a country profile about China , including: 

Format: Cover page: include course name and semester, student name,  the title of the paper, date. Length: 3-pages maximum, excluding cover page and any annexes Type: Times New Roman font, size 12, double space, 1-tab paragraph indentation. Grammar: use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation.  APA Style

China Global Business Assignment Content: Name of country Brief History Demographics: population, the capital city, language/s Party and head-of-state in power Political system Economic system Legal system Economic growth in the last 30 years (% growth; growth in GDP;  any other indicators you choose to include ). Main drivers of its economy Key trade partners Any additional economic, political and legal facts that you feel are relevant.  

China Global Business Assignment

Annexes:  indicate sources under the title “Bibliography” on an annex page (not as footnotes)  any maps or graphs should be placed as annexes

China Global Business Assignment Cover page: 
1      Name of course 
1      Semester 
1      Student name and Gothic ID 
1      Title of paper 
1      Date 
6Name of country 
6Brief history 
1Times New Roman font 
1Size 12 
1Double space 
11-tab paragraph indentation 
6Capital city 
6Party in power 
6Head-of-state in power 
6Political system (collectivist/ individualistic/ democratic/ totalitarian)
6Economic system (market/ command/ mixed) 
6Legal system (common/ legal/ theocratic) 
6Economic growth in the last 30 years (% growth; growth in GDP;
any other indicators that you may choose to include) China Global Business  
6Main driver 1 of the economy 
6Main driver 2 of the economy 
6Key trade partner 1 
6Key trade partner 2 
1Length: 3-page maximum 

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