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As a healthcare provider, I can speak regarding being a nurse. I believe that it is extremely beneficial to all nurses to become certified nursing assistants, CNAs, before becoming a nurse. The article, takes about five reasons why becoming a CNA is favorable to being a nurse, the main point for myself is “confirming your passion” (Altru Health System, 2021). I have seen this too many times, where nurses graduate without ever really taking care of patients and lack the empathy and desire to care. Many high schools programs allow Juniors and Seniors to explore these options. These programs guide you in the proper steps on how to obtain one’s CNA, how to take the placement test, where to go to get this certificate, and even assist in acquiring a job after school (Dodge, 2018). The cons to receiving this degree could be that as a young teenager and starts to receive their first paychecks of making $12 to $15 an hour, this may seem like a lot to them. This could prevent a student from furthering their education and staying as a Certified Nursing Assistant, CNA. In the reality $12 to $15 is good for a 1-person family income, however, for a family of 4, this would not be enough money to live higher than the poverty level. $30k a year is considered a poverty level for a family size of four (2021 Poverty Guidelines, 2021). 

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Another great certificate to receive in high school is from the Red Cross, Babysitting Courses (Red Cross). Getting a certificate and proper training in babysitting is the first step in how to care for a patient. The Red Cross provides three different courses: Babysitting, Advance Child Care, and CPR courses. These courses teach teenagers to how to properly care for infants and young children and what to do in the event of an emergency. Cons to this type of certification can discourage teenagers from not pursuing a career in healthcare if they are not led properly. Certified Nursing Assistant. Also noticed that the age ranges are from 11 to 17, and done online, teaching online could be difficult for some teenagers to be about to retain the education information that is provided.

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