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Which of the twelve leverage points listed in chapter 6 is most needed in the US healthcare system? Defend your answer.

The 12 Leverage points from Chapter 6 are as follows:

the US healthcare Transcending Paradigms, Paradigms (The mind-set out of which the system—its goals, structure, rules, delays, parameters—arises), Goals (The purpose or function of the system), Self-Organization (The power to add, change, or evolve system structure), Rules (Incentives, punishments, constraints), Information Flows (The structure of who does and does not have access to information), Reinforcing Feedback Loops (The strength of the gain of driving loops), Balancing Feedback Loops (The strength of the feedbacks relative to the impacts they are trying to correct), Delays (The lengths of time relative to the rates of system changes),Stock-and-Flow Structures (Physical systems and their nodes of intersection), Buffers (The sizes of stabilizing stocks relative to their flows), and Numbers (Constants and parameters such as subsidies, taxes, standards).

US healthcare assignment help

The US healthcare Part 1

Delay, to me would be the most impactful leverage in healthcare and one that requires the most control. Delays in services can be detrimental to patient care and health systems. One of the most tracked measures of healthcare efficiencies is access to care. Access to care can be described as the time from when the patient seeks care to the time the patient actually receives that care. Delays can be a good indicator that there may be issues with capacity or capability affecting the facility that impact patients from receiving care. In military health access to 24hr appointments and specialty care is tracked closely. Thresholds are established to track and identify where delays may be affecting access to care. For 24hr appointments, if it takes a patient seeks care within that time and the closest appointment available is greater than 24hrs, they are marked red. For specialty care anything greater than 30 days to see patients would also trigger a red mark. An example of where this could have an adverse reaction in patient care can be seen with an acute musculoskeletal injury. A patient seen with an acute musculoskeletal injury that may need to be seen by physical therapy and is delayed more than 30 days may develop scar tissue that would delay their recovery.

The US healthcare Part 2

I think the leverage point that is most needed in the US healthcare system is goals. If there were no goals in the healthcare system then how can it ever become better? Goals require constant work and multiple achievements to reach which is why I feel like it is most needed in the healthcare system. It is important to set goals that are extremely difficult to reach because it allows us to constantly work towards it. A major goal in the healthcare system now is to make healthcare accessible to all. That is an extremely difficult goal to reach because in todays day and age everything is about money which makes it hard for certain people to obtain healthcare. Although it is a very hard goal to achieve it is important that we keep working hard and finding ways to make healthcare accessible to anyone and everyone. Another goal in healthcare is to provide each patient with the best possible care. If goals were not important would we have all the technological advancements we have today that have made healthcare much better. It is important to not only set goals in life but to have them in the healthcare system is extremely important so it can keep getting better.

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