Nursing Reflection Assignment Help

Nursing Reflection Assignment Florence Nightingale was a leader in nursing whose writings led to the foundation of many of our current nursing philosophies and theoretical models. Although there have been significant changes in our society and health care since her era, one can identify evidence of her writings and practice in current nursing practice.

For this Nursing Reflection Assignment, read “Nightingale’s Environmental Theory” published by Margaret Hegge in Nursing Science Quarterly 26(3), 211-219. The article can be accessed on the D’Youville College Library website. In this article, Dr. Hegge describes the environmental theory from Nightingale’s experiences. In your writing, please address the following topics:

Introduction to the main topic of the paper.(Begin with “The purpose of this paper is to…..” and then discuss the main points of the paper)

Describe Nightingale’s Theory.

Explain the current (actual or potential) environmental problem faced by patients or communities. Be sure that the problem is within the past 5 years and show the impact of the environment on the health problem. Discuss political influences, policy issues, and legal influences on the problem. Examples of current environmental problems include: Covid 19, Flint Water Crisis, Air pollution etc.

Nursing Reflection Assignment Help

Compare and contrast one other discipline (e.g., PT, OT, Pharmacy, Social Work, Nutrition etc.) with nursing in examining the problem.

Discuss stakeholders and resources involved in examining the problem

Discuss outcomes. How will you measure the success of the solutions you propose?.

General directions for submitting Nursing Reflection Assignment:

Use subheadings for each topic following the grading rubric.

The paper should be detailed with evidence.

APA format should be used including a title page, and references. You will lose credit if you do not follow APA format. See the APA documents for how to format the title page

To access the article for the assignment,  go to the D’Youville College Library website (click to access).  (Links to an external site.)Once there, in Spartan Search:

Type “Nightingale’s Environmental Theory Hegge.”

Click “Full Text.”

Under “Tools” in the right column, click “Article as PDF.”

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