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Healthcare Nursing Discussion Post # The healthcare workforce is dependent upon nurses to provide quality patient care and safe patient outcomes.  In present times, healthcare models have transitioned from a focus on patient needs to business models focused on the bottom line.  This shift in focus has resulted in challenges for nurses and patients.  A shift in workplace priorities often means that nurses are required to do more with less resources.  This can result in burnout and increased risk to patients.  Burnout is one factor that can lead nurses to leave their jobs, leaving already vulnerable patients in increasingly precarious situations.   Healthcare Nursing

Healthcare policy is integral to changing workforce conditions and improving quality of care as well as nurse job satisfaction (Verulava 2018).  Changes in healthcare policy are based on priorities and what is deemed most important on national, systemic and organizational levels.  Competing priorities exist between leaders, nurses and stakeholders.  An example of this can be seen in a facility cutting costs and experiencing a nurse shortage.  Patients suffer which also impacts the facility negatively in the long run.  Nurses are committed to advocating for patients and providing safe, professional care that primarily seeks what is most beneficial to the patient (American Nurses Association 2015).  Nurses can effectively advocate for patients through healthcare policy reform. 

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In the context of competing priorities nurses must consider how this impacts patient care and what can be done to alleviate the barriers.  The development of healthcare policy is an important tool that can be used to improve patient outcomes.  One method nurse leaders can utilize to change healthcare policy is through informed decision making and health informatics (Lloyd 2017).  Employing the use of technology through health informatics enables nurse leaders to have access to data that impacts clinical outcomes.  Leaders can share this data with administrators and stakeholders to advocate for changes in healthcare policy.    Healthcare Nursing

The consequences of not listening to the demands of nurses and patients can result in nurse shortages and decreased patient outcomes.  Patients are put at a higher risk for adverse events when nurse shortages exist.  Healthcare systems incur greater costs with increased turnover.  Changes in healthcare policy can create access to program development and systemic paradigm shifts that alleviate nurse shortages (Verulava 2018).

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