Health care During pandemic assignment

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Discussion Post # 1

 Competing needs in the workforce have presented as a big challenge during the height of the pandemic.  There was substantial changes that needed to get done, with that including policy change. The needs of the patients and workforce can be addressed with policy acknowledging inadequate staffing. Failure to properly use the current workforce available may result in a shortage of employees. A health care organization may be affected by this and result in poor quality care due to this shortage. With limited staff and resources this increases workload, leading to burnout and ultimately compromising patient’s wellbeing.

Health care During pandemic assignment

Specific competing needs that may impact nurse shortage

 “Shortage of nurses affect the country health care setting and significantly, it also affect the patient care which results in overall health decline in the whole country.” (Ghafoor et al., 2021) Health care organizations are trying to find a balance between staffing and patient’s needs. This will enable them to maintain profitability between patient care and operational costs. Health care organizations should strive to match their existing needs both of staff and patients.  This can be achieved  with management adjusting nursing staffing models.  “Administrative practices result in a structure of the nursing staff of an agency (nature of supervision) and staff or staff hours assigned to different subunits in a facility.” (Simpson et al., 2021)

 The impacts and how policy might address the competing needs

These needs can be addressed with a policy. These policies will help improve staffing shortage, work distribution, and safe nurse to patient ratio.

In the policy , the ratio depending on the unit or area the nurse is working will be outlined. This can overall improve workplace conditions, and decrease

mediations errors, falls, and poor patient outcomes. This is a fair indicator of the health care organization investment in staffing.

“The budgeted staffing ratios must be planned with staff nurse input and support, and their decision making must be respected.”

(Nurse Staffing Ratios: The Crucible of Money, Policy, Research, and Patient Care | PSNet, 2007)

 Implementing safe and best practice will create a consistent work environment. This is essential in improving quality of care and safety in our hospitals. 

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