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Directions: For each English question in this section, reconstruct the original sentence by following the directions given. In doing so, retain the meaning of the original sentence as much as the directions permit.

When you have reconstructed the sentence, select from the options the word or phrase that you have included in your sentence.

Without preparation for the interview, Anna acquitted herself with distinction. *

Begin with: Although…

  • not preparing
  • without preparation
  • she did not prepare
  • having no preparation

English Question More enthusiasm is shown by people who commit themselves to a cause than by those who are indifferent. *

Begin with: People committed to a cause…

  • show more enthusiasm
  • have shown more enthusiasm
  • will show more enthusiasm
  • have more enthusiasm

I would have assisted in the planning of the event if the organisers had requested me to do so. *

English Question Assignment help

Begin with: Had the organisers requested…

  • I would assist
  • I would have assisted
  • I will have assisted
  • I will assist

English Question A doctor is not likely to perform competently in her field of specialisation unless she first acquires adequate experience. *

Change: ‘unless’ to ‘without’

  • she first acquires
  • her first acquires
  • first acquiring
  • first having to acquire

English Question The principal implemented a new procedure, making it easy to monitor students’ performance. *

Begin with: In implementing a new procedure…

  • the principal can make it easy
  • the principal has to make it easy
  • the principal will be making it easy
  • the principal has made it easy

We will arrive at a decision once you provide us with accurate and complete evidence. *

Begin with: In order to…

  • you can provide us
  • you will provide us
  • you must provide us
  • you may provide us

English Question Excellent performance by students in the examination requires devotion to academic studies. *

Begin with: To perform with excellence…

  • students require to
  • students will require to
  • students may require to
  • students are required to

To complete the job in record time, we need to employ more persons. *

Begin with: So that…

  • the job will be completed
  • completing the job
  • the job could be completed
  • to complete the job

“I’m sorry I could not attend the concert,” said Amanda. *

Begin with: Amanda apologised…

  • having not attended
  • that she did not attend
  • for not being able to attend
  • for her not able to attend

English Question The witness said, “I was not at the scene of the accident.” *

Begin with: The witness denied…

  • to be at the scene
  • that he was at the scene
  • in being at the scene
  • having to be at the scene

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