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1-Case study paper questions and answers and includes at least one textbook citation. 

-It needs to be cited using the proper in-text APA format, e.g. (Griffin, 2019, p. xx)- APA format Cover Sheet needs to be submitted and an end of paper reference, e.g. Griffin, R. W. (2019). Fundamentals of Management (9th Ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

-Each page should be properly numbered using APA format.

-In addition, an Case Study Paper Assignment Cover Sheet

Case Study Paper Question 3. Hersh Schefrin, a pioneer in the behavioral aspects of financial decision making, studies how a specific set of psychological traps snare decision makers, causing them to make inferior decisions. [Two] of the most common are excessive optimism [and] overconfidence. …  People learn to be excessively optimistic and  overconfident. This means that successful people over-estimate their past successes, which feeds these biases.Judging from the details of the case, show how these two forms of “bias” affected decision making at RIM. How might RIM’s “inferior decisions” have been avoided if executives like Lazaridis and Balsillie had applied the steps in rational decision making?

Case Study Paper Assignment Help

Case Study Paper Question 4.  The workplace is clearly changing. The barrier between work and home has been eroded, and if people are going to have to be constantly connected, they at least want to use their own phones. Companies have quickly come to love consumerization, too: A recent study. … found that executives like the way it keeps workers plugged in all day long. And since workers often end up paying for their own devices, it can also help businesses cut costs. What about you? Do you ever use your own phone for work-related activities? If so, what kinds of activities? Do you sometimes feel that your employer is taking advan-tage of the fact that you’re “plugged in all day long”? Or do you feel that the tradeoff—at least you’re allowed to use your own phone—is worth it? Do you sometimes take advantage of your employer—do you use your phone for personal business when you’re at work?

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