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Research Paper – List of potential research topics
To complete the Article Research Paper, please select a topic from the list provided below
or from the chapter readings.
 Is it more important for a law to be consistent or flexible?
 The importance of enforcing civil law vs. the United States being the most litigious country in the world.
 Coexistence of federal law and state law.
 Pros and cons of strict customs enforcement vs. having an open border.
 Methods for management to balance ethical dilemmas in the workplace.
 Reasons behind the failing of ethical dilemmas and ways to cure these failures in the future.
 Universal ethical or moral standard vs. different international ethical standards.
 The importance of stare decisis vs. the need for a change in the law.
 What should a lawyer do when he or she knows that his or her client is guilty of a crime?
 Is it better to have judges who are elected as they are at the state level or appointed as they are at the federal level?
 The pros and cons of alternative dispute resolution as compared to litigation.
 The cost of litigation. Assume a defendant is confident in his or her ability to win at trial, why would it make sense to settle the case prior to trial.
 Advocating for your client in the discovery process vs running up the opposition’s litigation costs with unnecessary discovery.
 Separation of powers and the necessary balance between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.
 Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce through the Commerce Clause vs. the states’ power to regulate interstate commerce through their “police powers.”
 The importance of free speech as protected by the First Amendment and some important limits on this freedom.

Research paper Assignment Help

 Eminent domain vs. an individual’s right to control his or her own property.
 Freedom of Information Act vs. Federal Privacy Act
 The power of an administrative agency to carry out its purpose under its enabling act vs. ultravires.
 Pros and cons of tariffs. Tariffs’ effect on trade and economic impact tariffs have on the
country’s economy that enforces the tariff.
 What were the benefits to the United Kingdom when they were in the EU? What were the
drawbacks to the United Kingdom when they were in the EU? How has all of this changed since Brexit?
 Climate agreements and treaties vs. a country’s desire to flourish economically.
 The constitutionality of the Patriot Act vs. the regulation of money laundering.
 The protections afforded by the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures v. law enforcement’s desire to reduce crime.
 Exceptions to the warrant requirement and why do these exceptions exist.
 Defamation vs. different types of privileged speech
 Cause as an element of negligence vs. intervening act
 Assumption of risk and waivers. Why is signing a waiver a good thing? Are there any risks that could or should not be waived? Nuisances vs. a landowner’s right to use his or property as he or she wishes.
 Compliance with the EPA. Duty to the environment vs. The increased cost of complying with EPA regulations.
 Hydrofracking. Cheap natural gas vs. any potential harms to the environment.
 Subprime lending vs. the interests of an individual who wants to obtain a loan with poor credit history.
 Short/simple contracts v. long contracts that consider all possibilities in a given transaction.
 When do actions cease to be sales puffery and become fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation?
 When do covenants not to compete go too far? Why are these covenants a good thing?
 Excusal of contract performance. Penalties of inexcusable performance of a contract.
 FTC regulation on advertising vs. Free Speech of the First Amendment.
 Different types of product liability
 Free Speech vs. discouraging anti-competitive behavior in business.
 The government’s restraint on trade vs. the desire to prevent monopolistic business behavior. For research paper
 Remedies on patent infringement? Are monetary remedies enough?
 The difference between generics and trade names
 Pros and cons of “first to file” vs. “first to invent” patent systems.
 Disclosure vs. nondisclosure of a principal. Why might a principal want to remain anonymous? Why does liability change when a principal is disclosed vs. not disclosed?
 Responde at superior vs. an employee’s actions outside of employment.
 At-will employment vs. employee termination for bad cause.
 Risks run by whistle blowers. What protections are afforded to whistle blowers?
 What factors should an entity consider when deciding to form a partnership, limited partnership, and limited liability company?
 What are the pros of incorporating in Delaware? Why do so many corporations choose to
incorporate in Delaware? For research paper
 What are derivative lawsuits and why can they become so complicated?
 What are the different ways that a company can raise capital? How does the SEC regulate these transactions?

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