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A qualitative study is a research method involving data collection, data analysis and its interpretation. It is a study geared towards their understanding of individual subjective perceptions to give meaning to social reality in the real world. In a qualitative study, data is collected through observation and interviews. 

The Advantage of qualitative study is that it is not bound to limitations of quantitative research. Qualitative study is flexible due to its adaptability. It is also speculating because it allows for instincts (Vaughan, 2020). In the same way, qualitative study has its demerits. One disadvantage is that it suffers from the issue of big sampling sizes, and it is always prone to sample bias. Another demerit is that qualitative study’s always time-consuming, and researchers’ influence sometimes might compromise data (Gaille, 2017), making it unacceptable.

Qualitative Study Assignment Help

Examples of a qualitative study are the grounded theory which involves data collection, and phenomenology study, which analyses events and activities as they transpire. I would use a qualitative test to determine the effectiveness of my health promotion initiative. This is because my qualitative study’d allow me to get a natural approach to the subject matter; the health promotion initiative. With this, I can understand what a line believes and opinions from different people regarding their perspectives on the initiative. I can get their stand, attitude and acceptance complex. This would allow for room for improvement in instances where negative implications exist. 

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