Proposal in Business Management Help

I want to give a proposal to company “The Big Leaf”.  This proposal is about telling them that how I can help them to expand there business in west coast of Canada. 

I have to draft this proposal in such a way that I should discuss about the gaps which i found in the company and diagnostic tools and have to suggest  solutions, so that company can expand there business.

Your general understanding of the problem for the proposal: 

  • What are the dimensions?
  • What do you think the gaps are in each dimension?

Based on your current understanding and your own skill and perspective, what do you think the scope* of the problem is? * for the proposal The scope is a narrowed-down problem to a specific aspect. To determine your scope, you should choose a combination of the gaps to fill and eventually to get to the results.

Proposal in Business Management Help
  • What data and information we need?
  • What is your chosen scope?
  • Why do you think this scope is vital to resolve? (Why did you chose the scope?) 

What i want you to write

1) the solutions and diagnostic tools we are using for proposing solutions.  

a- As per my understanding – diagnostic tool I want to use for the proposal is  “Competitive Forces Model ( Porter’s 5 Forces)”. In this i want to discuss about the competitive companies – this can be searched from the mentioned website (

b- solution – usage of customized templates for earning income and popularity. 

Use APA Paper Formatting Basics in proposal

  1. All text should be double-spaced.
  2. Use one-inch margins on all sides.
  3. All paragraphs in the body are indented.
  4. Make sure that the title is centered on the page with your name and school/institution underneath.
  5. Use 12-point font throughout.
  6. All pages should be numbered in the upper right hand corner.

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