Hypothesis Statistics Assignment Help

Hypothesis Statistics Assignment

  • Submit definitions for the following terms:
    • Hypothesis test
    • Null hypothesis
    • Alternative hypothesis
    • Type I error
    • Type II error
  • Complete and submit exercises
    • Methods, page 392: 1 and 2
    • Methods, page 394: 5
  • The manager of the Danvers-Hilton Resort Hotel stated that the mean guest bill for a weekend is $600 or less. A member of the hotel’s accounting staff noticed that the total charges for guest bills have been increasing in recent months. The accountant will use a sample of future weekend guest bills to test the manager’s claim.
  • Which form of the hypotheses should be used to test the manager’s claim? Explain.

H0:μ≥600       H0:μ≤600       H0:μ=600

Ha:μ<600       Ha:μ>600       Ha:μ≠600

Hypothesis Statistics  Assignment Help
  • What conclusion is appropriate when H0 cannot be rejected?
  • What conclusion is appropriate when H0 can be rejected?
  • The manager of an automobile dealership is considering a new bonus plan designed to increase sales volume. Currently, the mean sales volume is 14 automobiles per month. The manager wants to conduct a research study to see whether the new bonus plan increases sales volume. To collect data on the plan, a sample of sales personnel will be allowed to sell under the new bonus plan for a one-month period.
  • Develop the null and alternative hypotheses most appropriate for this situation.
  • Comment on the conclusion when H0 cannot be rejected.
  • Comment on the conclusion when H0 can be rejected.

5.Duke Energy reported that the cost of electricity for an efficient home in a particular neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, was $104 per month (Home Energy Report, Duke Energy, March 2012). A researcher believes that the cost of electricity for a comparable neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois, is higher. A sample of homes in this Chicago neighborhood will be taken and the sample mean monthly cost of electricity will be used to test the following null and alternative hypotheses.

H0:μ≤104       Ha:μ>104

  1. Assume the sample data led to rejection of the null hypothesis. What would be your conclusion about the cost of electricity in the Chicago neighborhood?
  2. What is the Type I error in this situation? What are the consequences of making this error?
  3. What is the Type II error in this situation? What are the consequences of making this error?

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