Health IT Program Project help

After reviewing the course syllabus and the Health IT Program Evaluation Project guideline, I am looking forward to developing a program that can engage both staff and patients alike through a series of “rounding” that nurses will complete with patients.  This will be done through a Health IT Program that will provide visual cues for nurses to ensure that all patients are being rounded on.  This seems like an appropriately sized project for an 11 week course, which can also be evaluated through a small qualitative study through a survey of both patients and staff alike.  

Nursing rounds have been proven time and time again to improve both clinical care, evaluation, and outcomes (Chapman et. al., 2021).  Hospitals have been encouraging nurses to make frequent rounds on all patients and their families for a very long time (and to document on it as well, because it is a billable service) (Close & Castledine, 2005).  With that information, to a nonclinical person it is hard to understand why nurses do not always do every round, every time.  Reality is that time is short and the floors are all very busy with patient care that only nurses can do – is is often times hard to check on all of the patients needs and comfort care every hour.  

Health IT Program Project help

Hopefully, a small Health IT Program that I can develop will give nurses and technicians an easy way to see if and when patients were last rounded on.  This will ensure that all patients are receiving an opportunity to let their needs be known and thus improve patient care and absolutely improve their perception of healthcare.


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Close, A., & Castledine, G. (2005). Clinical nursing rounds part 2: nurse management rounds. British Journal of Nursing14(16), 872–874.

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