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an entity (nails professional) within an industry that is of a personal interest to you.

Complete a one paragraph write-up for each of the 5 Forces by stating the strengths, the other members or parties, and your analysis of each force from your entity ’s perspective.

( here 5 Forces)

  1. The threat of entry in an industry depends on the height of entry barriers that are present and on the reaction entrants can expect from incumbents. If entry barriers are low and new- comers expect little retaliation from the en- trenched competitors, the threat of entry is high and industry profitability is moderated
  2. The Power Of Suppliers.Powerful suppliers capture more of the value for themselves by charging higher prices, limiting quality or services, or shifting costs to industry participants.
  3. The power of buyers. Powerful customers— the flip side of powerful suppliers—can capture more value by forcing down prices, demanding better quality or more service (thereby driving up costs), and generally playing industry participants off against one another, all at the expense of industry profitability. Buyers are powerful if they have negotiating leverage relative to industry participants, especially if they are price sensitive, using their clout primarily to pressure price reductions.
  4. The Threat Of Substitutes.A substitute per- forms the same or a similar function as an industry’s product by a different means. Video- conferencing is a substitute for travel
  5. Rivalry among existing competitors. Rivalry among existing competitors takes many familiar forms, including price discounting, new product introductions, advertising campaigns, and service improvements. High rivalry limits the profitability of an industry. The degree to which rivalry drives down an industry’s profit potential depends, first, on the intensity with which companies compete and, second, on the basis on which they compete.
Entity Computer Science Assignment help

Conclude with your overall opinion of how the entity is positioned within its industry.

Include a Reference section for articles, website, and other sources that aided in your analysis, and cite using an APA format.

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