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BCMA System Project I am relatively new at my organization. However, compared to other bar code medication administration (BCMA) systems I have utilized in the past, the one that my organization uses seems to lack certain features that are imperative for patient safety. For the final system evaluation project, I will concentrate on evaluating the BCMA system at my facility as the usability of eMARs/BCMA can affect patient safety, nurse effectiveness, nurse productivity, nurse satisfaction, and the goals of usability (International Organization of Standards, 1998; as cited in Staggers et al., 2015, p. 900).
The goal is to incorporate some functions in the already implemented BCMAsystem or integrate it with other technology systems. The aim is to prevent medication administration and improve patient safety, i.e., high or low blood sugar and blood pressure alerts when administering insulin or blood pressure medications and alerts on when to administer half of a tablet. BCMA sytem should be completely integrated with other technology systems to

BCMA System Project Help

eliminate transcription errors (Leung et al., 2025, p. 97). I am sure there are many other issues that I cannot recall at this time but certainly will emerge as I work on this system evaluation. Although the BCMA system is an effective method to decrease medication administration errors, incidents may be underreported due to nurses’ perceptions that patients were not harmed (Lin et al., 2018).
Reports will be generated showing results from nurses’ perceptions of the system and a number of the reported medication errors that occurred during the past few months as evaluation measures.

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