Triage – COVID 19 Nursing Assignment help

Mobile Triage Applications: Speed up COVID-19 detection and help in early response for positive cases


  1. Background

Triage means “Trier” and it is a French word that first appeared when Baron Dominique Jean Larrey, who was a Surgeon in Chief to Napoleon’s Imperial Guard, created the organizational structure that was mandatory to handle the huge and rising number of wars victims. (Robertson-Steel, 2006)

At this moment in time, triage is utilized to classify patients’ level of urgency and make a quick response and decision based on their triage level. (Farrohknia et al. Scandinavian, 2011)

In other words, Triage medical system is aimed to improve health care by setting priorities regarding medical cases.

Emergency and critical cases always come first in the category of tasks that must be accomplished first, this quick intervention can save patient’s life as well as it can save time and effort required for response to be done.

Triage Nursing Assignment help
  1. Motivation and importance

My interest in clinical triage system started with the onset of Corona virus pandemic, which is an acute and sever respiratory syndrome caused by a virus termed (COVID-19).

This virus has the ability to spread out rapidly between humans, the onset of disease started in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China then it is proliferating to cause worldwide outbreak.  (Koichi Yuki, 2020)

Due to this fast transmission of COVID-19, it becomes so hard to be controlled. So many mobile applications came out to instruct the people how to do social distancing, wearing mask, hand hygiene and if needed Quarantine.

triage in the other hand plays an important role in speeding up the detection process of disease to start an early response for positive cases by making it available in a form of mobile applications.

  1. problem Statement

we have witnessed accelerating numbers of COVID-19 cases and associated deaths worldwide; several different scenarios can be considered when interpreting deaths from COVID-19. (Vincent, 2020)

But the presence of such mobile Triage applications practiced in our kingdom i.e., Sehhaty, Tawakkalna, Anat and Tabaud, that contain the problem as quickly as possible by increase people’s awareness more and more and make them apply necessary preventive measures to protect themselves and those around from that infection or contribute to its faster transmission.


King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital use Mobile aided Triage application to scored people according to the number of symptoms they have.

This application provided with symptoms check list and a set of certain questions that must be answered by the users in order to get their score result.

They become suspected if his or her score reaches four or above. In this case insulation and SWAP is mandatory to confirm infection.

Take into a consideration the policy that must be followed in King Khaled eye specialist hospital in case of confirmed positive cases.


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