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Discussion 1: How the Internet has changed the world

Complete the following two steps:

A. Read Chapter 1 of the Goldman Textbook and describe in a minimum of 500 words what the Internet is and how it has changed the world. 

B. Respond to one classmate’s posting. Minimum 100 words.

Written learning activities should include citations and references, as appropriate, using APA format Sixth Edition.

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computers using the Internet Protocol (IP). In general, the Internet is used to access information and transfer messages between computers on the network. A user can connect to the Internet by using a device such as a modem, cable, digital subscriber line (DSL) or wireless device. While the Internet is a worldwide system, there are major differences in connectivity and speeds. Some countries provide high-speed access and are therefore considered Internet superhighways. Internet has become part of daily life for millions of people and it is a major tool for businesses to reach their customers. Internet was launched in 1983 by the National Science Foundation and its first host was the University of California, Santa Barbara. Today, the Internet provides a vast amount of information ranging from weather reports, stocks and bonds, maps and many other interesting web content. By contrast, the world wide web is unique. No other medium has its capabilities. The Internet is the first medium that allows people from around the world to be together in a public place where they can all see and hear one another (Wortmann & Flüchter, 2015).

Internet Computer Science Assignment Help

People from around the world and from different backgrounds come together to talk to one another on the Internet, watch movies and listen to music, and do other things. It is for these reasons that the web has been a revolution for communication, commerce, and education. Some people, however, worry that the web is not quite secure. They worry about the potential for criminal, terrorist, and other kinds of bad behavior. But the net is secure. If you are on the web, you are protected. If you are using a web browser or other tools, your communications and data are safe. Only you can protect yourself. Use common sense. Don’t click on links that you don’t understand, and be careful about what you share online. It is a place where you can connect and get connected, where you can learn about anything, and where you can get a lot of useful and useful information. It is the latest stage in the evolution of public places. The printing press allowed people to share ideas, thoughts, and news in the printed word. The radio spread news and ideas, and in its infancy television did the same thing. The telegraph sent information wirelessly and created a new kind of public place for people who could not be there physically. The telephone and fax are examples of how the public place of the printed word has changed. The telephone and fax are examples of how the public place of the printed word has changed. The telephone and fax allow people to communicate with other people at a distance and to receive documents as well. There have been few successful attacks on web users. Criminals do not go to the trouble of attempting to infiltrate and compromise the computers of people they do not know. When you surf the web, you use two different kinds of software: your web browser and the software running on the server where you are surfing (Comer, 2018). 


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