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Community organization collaboration: For the assignment in Unit 9, you presented your new initiative. In this discussion, present your overall work in 250–500 words and support your work with literature.

Initiative Overview

An overview of the taskforce

Bowel Mission has quite a large number of the task force who have different responsibilities within the organization. Employees are part of the most important stakeholders in any organization. According to the authors, no organization or project can run without employees; thus, they play an important part in the organization’s mission (Miragaia et al., 2016). The employees of Bowel Mission conduct activities such as identifying people who need help from the organization, providing food and shelter to the identified individuals, and giving counseling to the poor individuals by giving them hope for better days to come. The organization does not pay its employees as much as they are usually paid in profit organizations (Miragaia et al., 2016). Some of the employees are college graduates who work as an internship within the organization. Thus the organization’s employees are very important in reducing poverty in New York.

The New York government is a fundamental tasks force playing an important role in ensuring that the organization has a fund to continue in its mission of helping the needy. The New York government finances the organization (Raj, 2021). This helps the organization in conducting its activities. To offer help to a large group of people, the organization needs many funds. Because the organization does not have direct sources of funds from its services, it’s therefore needed to have internal sources such as the funds from the government. Human Resource

Another important task force is individual donors. Individual donors involve peoples who individually offer to donate funds to the organization. The aim of these donors is always to help the organization continue to conduct all its services (Raj, 2021). Funding the organization will help eradicate the poverty level within New York communities (Sandage, 2021). Donors are usually the most important stakeholders of Bowel Mission since the organization usually depends on donations to help in carrying out its operations. Therefore donors play a very important aspect in the operations of the organization.

Similarly, Organization partners describe another significant task force involving other outside organizations that offer to participate in helping Bowel Mission in helping the poor individuals in the community. The outside organizations offer to assist the organization with funds, goods, and services essential to Bowel Mission in conducting its operations (Rupp et al., 2014). For example, organizations that produce foodstuffs such as flour participate in helping Bowel in feeding the poor individuals within the community. Therefore it’s important when Bowel cooperates with different organizations that offer help to the organization in carrying out its operations.

Other taskforces include the volunteers who offer services to the organization without gaining any personal profit. This includes working for the organization without payment. Individuals or organizations can offer to participate in Bowel Mission operations without being compensated. Some of the volunteers’ services include participating in fieldwork and offering to assist the organization’s employees in carrying out their activities (Sandage, 2021). The volunteer’s main aim is to reduce the poverty levels in the community by cooperating with the organization. Human Resource

Community organization collaboration help

The local Community forms a crucial task force in the Bowel Mission Community. The local community constitutes the citizens who benefit from the organization’s operations (Miragaia et al., 2016). The local communities are the people of New York who require help. The local community plays a part in reducing the poverty level in the community. Noteworthy, taskforce in nonprofit organizations is always important in ensuring the success of the organization’s objectives. Hence task force team for Bowel Mission is very crucial in the operations of the organization. It’s therefore always very important for the organization to make clear steps in looking for their stakeholders.

The organization as lead

One of the most notable organizations that have been fighting poverty in the region since 1897 is the Bowel Mission organization. The organization was formed to provide food, protection, and health care to the poor individuals within New York and give hope to them by promising them a brighter future. The organization is considered the best performing nonprofit organization that the government does not head. The organization aims to eradicate poverty in the region has been supported by different individuals and other organizations that have come up to help through the Bowel Mission organization to help assist the people of New York. Different stakeholders involved in reducing the poverty levels in New York with the cooperation of bowel mission include the organization employees, New York government, individual donors, organizations partners, volunteers, and the local community.

Community Social Problem

Poverty level has been the most challenging aspect to the communities in New York.  Notably, the New York Community has experienced a myriad of poverty that requires fundamental articulation for assessment and identification of approaches effective for case management. Income poverty, material hardship access in New York City community, healthcare problems, especially among the vulnerable communities in New York City, among other fundamental issues have created notable disparity among the occupants in managing and dealing with poverty issues. In the New York communities, poverty as a social problem has accommodated significant causes including incomes and expenses. Notably, one-third of the region’s jobs are service sector jobs that pay less than $26,000 annually, constituting food service workers, retail salespeople, and personal care attendants. Similarly, an expense has become a more significant arena whereby New York communities experience notable poverty as a social problem. Specifically, housing, food, children, and transportation expenses have fueled poverty is in the community. The impact of poverty felt in various domains including health sectors, education, among other critical sectors. Thus, poverty is a notable social problem in the New York Community that the Bowel Mission Organization is providing an effective platform for effective case management.

Historical Issue

There are significant historical data that demonstrates poverty levels in the New York community. Nobile, contributing factors such as job availability, underemployment, and wages stagnation are vital historical issues for poverty elevation in the community. Noteworthy, the United States was 19.0 percent in 1964 and decreased by 4.2 percentage points to 14.8 percent in 2014, moving up and down with economic cycles and, the official poverty rate for children decreased by 1.9 percentage points, from 23.0 percent to 21.1 percent, in the current data. Furthermore, The NYU Furman Center’s 2018 report that the New York City, growth in real median household income slowed to 1.5 percent between 2016 and 2017 (Denapolis and Bleiwas, 2018). Thus, the problem issue accommodates fundamental historical issues ranging from employment to income and stakeholders diversities that require fundamental attention to address the issue of poverty in the New York Community.

Stakeholders Diversities

One fundamental cause of poverty is income inequality among the communities (Dabla-Norris et al. 2015). Noteworthy, the New York Community poverty occurs due to differences and diversities among the community population in employment, wages, and job availability. Significantly, the income inequality due to factors such as jobs, wages, and employment different on stakeholders such as the New York community, and local community that the Bowel mission is providing fundamental protection and services to, have a fundamental impact on diversity and difference on income among other vital considerations. Fundamentally, New York City has diversified communities including white, black, Hispanic, Asian. Noteworthy, Society’s economic dimensions influence societies due to fundamental discrepancies in socioeconomic status (Reeves et al. 2016). Thus, identifying appropriate approaches for the social problem through assessment and recommendations to Bowel’s mission in providing food, protection, and health care to the poor individuals within New York and giving hope to them by promising them a brighter future is necessary.

Outreach Strategies

Community outreach involves direct engagement with a significant number of audiences. Noteworthy, addressing poverty in New York communities requires fundamental community outreach approaches in focus on poverty issue, educating the community, and working with the policies for change in eradicating poverty. Notably, strategies such as canvassing, participating in events, seminars, presentations, and workshops, are effective community outreach strategies that are effective in addressing the poverty issue in the New York communities. Thus, the Bowel Mission organization need fundamental practices of community outreach strategies such as canvassing, participating in events, seminars, presentation, and workshops, to address the issue of poverty in the New York City Community.


Canvassing describes a community outreach strategy involving going door-to-door in a neighborhood to talk about issues important to community members, accommodating approaching people on-on-one at events, while tabling at an event, or on the streets (Marquez et al. 2018). Similarly, the organization to eradicate poverty in the New York community can employ the canvassing method for effective community outreach and engagement. Accordingly, participation as a fundamental community outreach strategy involves the collaboration of communities to reach out to fundamental issues such as health and poverty, offering a general understanding of the community issue assessment and collaboration.

Participating in an event strategy

Participating in an event is a fundamental approach for assessing and educating community members on issues relating to poverty. Significantly, community outreach through participating in events, accommodating strategies such as keynote speakers, presenters, panelists, among other critical participants in an event, creates awareness on poverty assessment and community collaboration in dealing with a social issue, poverty (Shin et al. 2020). Similarly, Bowel Mission Organization can accommodate participating in an event as a fundamental strategy in the New York Community to address the issue of poverty.

Seminars, presentations and workshops

Finally, Seminars, presentations, and workshops are effective strategies for community outreach towards addressing the issue of poverty in the New York community, accommodating multidimensional activities. Notably, seminars and workshops accommodate representatives from the community to assess poverty levels, causes, and interventions in managing the social issue. Additionally, workshops and seminars can create a collaborative and cohesive environment for effective articulations on the poverty issues in the New York community.

Appropriate Strategy

Addressing poverty causes and impacts in the New York community requires a one-on-one basis to avoid data error in decision-making. Admittedly, canvasing community outreach strategy involves going door-to-door in a neighborhood to talk about issues important to community members, accommodating approaching people on-on-one at events, while tabling at an event, or on the streets (Marquez et al. 2018). Therefore, the canvassing strategy, unlike participating in events and Seminars, presentations and workshops will provide an effective platform for assessment and collaboration in the New York communities.

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