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In your reflection on Psychology Essay paper, you are to identify a stressful situation commonly experienced by you, identifying various coping strategies. You will analyze your problem-solving skills as they relate to that situation, including relevant theory, resources, and barriers. Finally, you will discuss ways to successfully cope with this stressful situation, using peer-reviewed research as support for your plan. The grading rubric can be found in the Bb course. Specifically, you must include the following sections:

1) Explanation of a stressful situation which you can share, explaining how you successfully (or unsuccessfully) coped with the situation. Explain, from personality and adjustment literature, what resources, coping strategies, behavioral modifications, decision-making skills, or problem-solving barriers were used in your reaction to the stress. Be sure to use at least five (5) specific terms and theories from at least three chapters on Psychology Essay in the text and readings.

2) Identify at least 3 effective coping strategies for adjusting to the stress confronted in everyday life in this reflective paper. You need to support these strategies with evidence from a peer-reviewed journal article.

3) In this Psychology Essay paper Discuss what strategies you apply in the situation now that you have studied personality and adjustment? Support your answer with evidence from the text and readings.

Organize your Psychology Essay paper in these sections. You should use headings, Level 2, per APA format.  You are not to just copy the text or readings but must paraphrase and put it into your own words.

Psychology  Essay homework help

You are expected to use academic and scholarly sources in writing this reflective paper, in addition to the case. You must consult at least three peer-reviewed (refereed) journal articles. They should be recent (no older than 10 years) and they must be data-driven experiments. That means no reviews of literature or other types of articles should be used even if they appear in a peer-reviewed journal. You must read the full text of the article. The abstract is not sufficient.

The Psychology Essay articles could discuss treatment, diagnosis, or theory related to your diagnosis. You will use these to support your diagnosis, treatment, and theoretical discussion. You should also include the text as a source. Any other source must be a credible, academic source. You must use appropriate APA citation and reference list. 

This Psychology Essay paper must be 6-8 pages in length, including your cover page and reference page
Use the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Style Manual (7th edition), for the following elements of the final paper:

1. Title page including:
            A. Page number (upper right)
            B. Reflective paper Title
            C. Your name

2. Use Level 2 headings in your paper to separate the 3 sections.
3. In-text citation format
4. Reference list format

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