Why you need a business plan

A business plan is the foundation of a business. It gives guidance on how to start and manage a business.
It is basically a roadmap for structuring, running and growing a new business. It is a way of thinking through the key elements of a business. If you have thought about starting a business then you must
obviously know that the first thing you need is a business plan besides a financial and marketing plan.
But then what is its purpose. Does is it really matter if you have one for your new business?
There are various reasons why you need to get yourself a business plan. These reasons, however, vary with the type of business you want to start and your intention of writing the plan. The common factor here, however, is that a business plan is absolutely necessary. If you plan to write one to solicit funds,
your potential investors need to see the true potential in your business idea laid down clearly in numbers and hard facts. A business plan is an acceptable way of providing information.
Another reason why you need a business plan it can be good for a reality check. Writing one is usually the first real struggle for an entrepreneur who does not want to consider that their idea might not yet be fully developed or might as well be flawed. While this might be terrifying and unwelcome for an impassioned entrepreneur, identifying gaps early enough gives one a chance to test their idea and take the right step towards making the business more viable and stronger. This helps the entrepreneur take
caution against investing in a business that is likely to fail.
A business plan also gives you new ideas, a fresh perspective, and different approaches. An effective
business plan is a dynamic, growing and flexible tool that helps in creative thinking and coming up with
solutions for some of the toughest business challenges.
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