Writing has many different and significant components as a whole. It might look like a simple formula of expressing your thoughts in the form of words with a certain command over language, but there are some really tricky parts to it. When writing is missing a certain component from within itself, then it automatically degrades itself in terms of quality and efficiency. It also can become a painful and complicated read for readers if the significance of that missing element is a lot. Students have to sit down to write almost everything they can imagine. From a simple college application to complicated college essays and thesis as well as lecture notes or examination, as they say that for students there is no holiday in writing and everyday has some new challenge. One of the critical elements of writing that can define its fate is revision. Revising or revision means, re-visiting what you have already written, either towards the end of your work or progressively as you keep writing. Revision is important because when you look at your work after it is done, you may find some angles, mistakes and references that just do not make sense, but because you were so busy in penning down words, you did not notice. Students usually neglect the importance of revision and suffer with bad grades. Today our academic blog post will provide quick and easy editing or proofreading tips for students to help them revise their work efficiently.

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